Senior Production Manager


Great British Prawns Ltd (GBP) is a ground-breaking sustainable aquaculture technology company, operating a state-of-the-art, indoor, land-based king prawn farm in Scotland using Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology. They are looking to employ an experienced shrimp / prawn production specialist as our Senior Production Manager.

GBP is expanding its team quickly and will be developing further projects. The Senior Production Manager’s role requires extensive work experience with P. vannamei in closed or intensive production at all levels of prawn production (hatchery, juvenile rearing and grow-out). The position requires experience in the design and construction of prawn production systems. Experience in RAS is highly desirable, but not essential. 

As the lead for all husbandry processes in GBP, the Senior Production Manager will also work closely with the company’s technical and commercial teams. You will provide expert guidance on water quality and prawn health, and you are responsible for meeting production key performance indicators. 

The position requires you to lead, supervise and develop all husbandry techniques (including acclimation, transfer and harvesting) and you are responsible for the development of feed regimes. Other duties include husbandry staff training and performance monitoring, operational husbandry reporting, regulatory compliance and the production logistics. 

To seek further information and record your interest in the position please email your CV to the CEO (Dougie Allen) at The deadline to submit your application is 6th April

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