Download the WiSA Three-Year Review

In the three years that it takes a salmon to transform from fertilised egg to adult fish, WiSA has gone from a nascent idea to a mature organisation full of life, energy and impact. You can download our Three-Year Review here!

On International Women’s Day 2019, representatives from major employers, academia, the supply chain and government joined forces to celebrate the official launch of WiSA. This was the start of a journey that has seen WiSA travel all over Scotland; recruiting over 300 members; promoting aquaculture to schools, colleges and universities; providing training and mentoring; organising site visits to farming locations; and bringing women together to catch up with old friends and make new alliances.

WiSA members are diverse but have one thing in common: a passion for producing high-quality Scottish seafood, and for championing equal opportunities across our sector.

Read our Three-Year Review to see what the WiSA network has achieved and where we're going next!