WiSA Productivity Ninja Training: From Frantic to Fruitful

WiSA has teamed up with Skillfluence to provide you with a short but effective workshop to help you maximise your productivity when you need it most!

Are you feeling more ineffective than ever before? Maybe you're being reactive? Firefighting?

Does it feel nice to tick a few admin tasks off the list rather than get stuck into the tasks of highest priority? Or are you so busy that you're not paying enough attention to the people most important to you or your health? Is it that you're suffering from decision fatigue?

Perhaps you've found yourself in analysis paralysis? Are you at that point where you have just had enough?

In this live workshop delivered by Skillfluence, you will:

  • Discover the paradigm shift required to drive personal achievement and inspire others.
  • Uncover why we get overwhelmed and why choosing a new approach matters.
  • Learn the number one time management mistake and how to shift your focus to get more done with less push and effort and without burning out.
  • Get the tools to give you three quick wins to get you back on track for maximum impact.
  • Learn how to prioritise your own needs and the boundaries required to achieve this.

This workshop is free for women working in or studying aquaculture in Scotland - book now!

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